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Social Media Video Production

Harness the Growing Reach of Social Media Videos to Expand Your Audience

More people are using social media, spending more of their time watching videos. In fact, the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos.

And social media videos are the ones viewers think are more engaging and memorable than any other kind of video content. Those are just two of the reasons you need to get your share of that viewing time with your own social media videos.

Video Tailored to the Visual Needs of Each Platform

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter all have different visual needs and cater to different audiences.  We can help you create the right video for each one to get your message out effectively. Then your videos will generate the most likes, shares, followers, reviews, and conversions.

We Can Help You Create Memorable, Engaging, Effective Videos

We Tailor Your Videos for Each Platform

We Take Care of the Details so You Don’t Have To

We work with you through the process, setting strategy, creating quality content, editing for each platform. We deal with the details and technical aspects so you can be free to run your business.

We Create Video That Engages and Appeals on Any Device

Not everyone is watching online video on a laptop. We optimize the video so that wherever it is played—desktop, table, or mobile phone—it provides an enjoyable, engaging viewing experience.

Dynamic and Powerful Social Media Video Messaging Can Take Your Marketing to a New Level

Messages Viewers Remember

Short and engaging videos are remembered long after other forms of content are forgotten.

The More People Who See Your Message, the More Conversions, and Sales

Most of the social media platforms use algorithms to decide what content to show to users. The algorithms favor video content, which means if your post contains video, it will be more widely shared than other content with only text or still images.

By encouraging people to share your video, more people will see your message. Which means more people will end up buying from you.

Videos Prompt People to Take Action

What’s the point of marketing? To get people to take action, of course. Social media videos make it easy for people to take action. They can like or share your video. Or ask for more information. Or make a purchase. All of these are possible with a creative, targeted message on social media.

Videos Attract New Audiences

By spreading your message through video on social media platforms, you have the opportunity to reach new audiences. As people like and share your content, others will discover your business and your product. People who’d never heard of you before.

Not sure how to get started? We can help.

Leverage the Power of Social Media Videos to Make Your Business Grow

Discover How We Can Help You Create Social Media Videos That Engage and Sell