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Real Estate Drone Photography & Videography

Attract More Prospects When You Show Off Your Property with Video

When you use video to show off your property, you can give prospective buyers an entire look even before they visit it. Even if they live far away, they can still take your virtual tour. This will provide them with a better idea of the features of the property and will be more likely to pursue a purchase.

But this isn’t just our opinion. Over half of marketing professionals worldwide say video content has the best ROI. Videos are a great way to attract more traffic to your website, meaning more people browse your listings. In addition, the average viewer spends more time on sites with video than those who do not. All these factors add up to a greater chance someone will want to learn more about the property and ultimately buy it.

Video Will Highlight the Best Features of the Property to Maximize Sales

From aerial drone footage that gives spectacular views of the property and its surroundings, to video filmed indoors, video can highlight the best features of the property in an engaging and memorable manner. Your video will make the property look more desirable to potential buyers or tenants. We work to shoot the best angles and capture the best features, so your property is attractive and desirable to buyers.

Put Our Experienced Team to Work for You, No Matter What Property You are Selling

Our Process Makes It Easy for You so You Don’t Have to Worry About the Details

Your time is precious, and you’ve got lots of things to do to show a property. There’s no need for you to burn lots of hours making a video. Our team can handle all the details for you, so you can focus on serving your clients and making sales. We schedule within your timeframe.

Whatever You’re Looking for in a Property Video, We’ve Got it Covered

Our team can include whatever elements you’re looking for in a spectacular video, including:

Your Video Will Expand Your Reach and Help You Sell

Video Allows You to Reach a Wider Audience

Not all your prospects will live close enough to come for an in-person showing. If prospects can’t be there in person, then your video can be the best alternative. Your video will give them a virtual 3D tour. Our videos make it easier for prospective buyers to view your property regardless of the device or platform they are viewing on.

Videos Create an Emotional Attachment to the Property

Video helps people visualize themselves moving through the property. As the video tour progresses through the living spaces, up the stairs, and into rooms, people get a sense of what it would be like to work or live there. Once people can imagine themselves in the space they’ve become emotionally attached to, they are more likely to buy.

Videos Communicate the Lifestyle of the Community

By shooting footage of the community, prospects get a sense of the lifestyle and personality of the community, which helps them decide if the property is right for them. In addition, shooting at twilight adds a sense of elegance, a factor that increases the property’s desirability.

Videos Bring the Surrounding Area to Life

Video can bring the surrounding area to life in a way that photographs simply cannot. So, for example, when we film a video of a commercial property, we can include the nearby areas. So prospective buyers get a feel of the area, adjacent tenants, and traffic flow.

Videos Help You Stand Out from Your Competition

You can stand out from the competition by presenting videos to prospective buyers. In addition, you will have offered valuable information to prospective buyers, so they’ll perceive you as more helpful and will want to work with you.

Get the Most Value by Repurposing Your Videos

You aren’t limited to using the video just to make a sale. You can repurpose all or parts of the videos to elevate your branding, market your company, or simply attract new clients. For example, a montage of several property videos on the homepage of your website will elevate your brand and establish you as a leader in your field.

Leverage the Power of Real Estate Videos to Attract Prospects and Buyers

Discover How We Can Help You Create Real Estate Videos That Engage and Sell